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Avskum - "Unreleased Tracks between 1982-1999" 2xCassette

Image of Avskum - "Unreleased Tracks between 1982-1999" 2xCassette


80's Swedish hardcore / punk ...

official collection.


There Is No Need For Crying

The Significance / Face Of War

The Significance / Face Of War



..And The Slaughter Can Begin

The End

You Take Part In Creating This System

World Is A Mess / Öga För Öga, Tand För Tand

Glöm Aldrig Hiroshima

Fuck The Bomb

Bootbrain Song

Treblinka ll

..And I Can Still Breath

The Century Of Darkness

How Far Can They Push Us

Price Your Butchers..Whok!

Krossa NRP

Fred Och Anarki


Countdown Has Started

Wich Are Your Heroes

Slå Tillbaka

No One Is Innocent

Is This What You Want

Meaning Of Life

Fängelser Och Frihet

Total Förintelse

Total Kontroll

Levande Begravd


The Sound Of Harmageddon

The Final Countdown, Part One

The Final Countdown, Part Two

Soldier Song

Handfull Of Bullshit

Happy End

Crucified By The System

Who Needs A Hell

Vem Har Gett Dom Rätten

Soldat Med Brutet Gevär


Avskum compilation on Double Pro cassette Tape.Unreleased and released tracks between 1982 and 1999. This compilation also includes an unreleased studio session from 1988.

Original Released on LP - Skrammel Records

label: Sickhead records, import from Malaysia