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B.C.T. cassettes Vols. 1-27 / Borderless Countries Tapes (1981-1986)


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US punk/hardcore cassette label, mainly active in the 1980's. Also listed as BCT or Borderless Countries Tapes.

In later years the label became able to produce also vinyl records.

All cassettes have stayed in print for 30 years!

all tapes dubbed from the masters and made with Chris B.C.T.'s ok, all tapes come with Xerox fold-out j-card inserts.

*** bct #1: v/a - "First Strike" cassette (1983) ***

San Diego, California punk and hardcore bands originally released in October 1983 with Clit Boys, Vatican Commandos, Violation, Eat The Rich, Future Ruins, Mr Epp, Poison Center, Skoundrelz, and Cultural Breakthrough ... (47) cuts

*** bct #2: v/a - "Music On Fire" cassette (1983) ***

Italian hardcore punk comp from 1983 with Wretched, Indigesti, Raw Power (from 1983), Rappresaaglia, 5° Braccio, Crash Box, Stazione Suicida ... (45) cuts

*** bct #3: v/a - "Eat Me" cassette (1983) ***

seven bands from the u$a & mexico with: White Flag, Deranged Diction, Corrupted Service, Killroy, Wallflowers, Solucion Mortal, No Response ... (39) cuts

*** bct #4: v/a - "Ahhhh... Italian Punk" cassette ***

all Italian hardcore punk sampler with Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, Peggio Punx, Eu's Arse, Nabat, Chelsea Hotel, Shockin TV, Tirituta Limitata, and Dark Ride. 32 tracks total, released in December of 1983 ... (29) cuts

*** bct #5: "Raw Power" cassette ***

A solo cassette from this great Italian punk band containing tracks recorded at Brown Studio, 1983, live tracks from 12/4/83, and three extra studio tracks from 1984. Some cuts in English, others translated ... (45) cuts

*** bct #6: v/a - "Last White Christmas" vol ONE cassette ***

Fifty-six cuts over 90 minutes live in Pisa, Italy on 12/4/83 by Gran Ducato Hard Core (GDHC) for Johnny in Jail. Clear recording, some cuts in English. Contains Juggernaut, War Dogs, Useless Boys, Putrid Fever Dements, Auschlag, Brontosaur, Stato Di Polizia, and Raw Power. A split release between BCT and Cessophena Records .

*** bct #7: v/a - "Last White Christmas" vol TWO cassette ***

Second volume in this collection also recorded on 12/4/83 in Pisa, Italy. This one features Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, I Refuse It!, and Traumatic. A split release between BCT and Cessophena Records ... (32) cuts

*** bct #8: "Rattus" cassette ***

From Finland, Rattus put this tape together themselves, and it features twenty cuts translated, some in English of demos from 12/81, '82, and '83 as well as live in '83. "Rockabilly Reagan" is a great joke song, "Back In '78" is in '78 style but with power. Excellent alternative cuts. Thirty-four songs, a good Rattus sampler.

*** bct #9: "Terveet Kadet" cassette ***

Hearty Finnish hardcore. Great for Terveet Kädet fans. The band put the tape and sleeve together. This tape is dedicated to their drummer, Walde, who died in January, 1984. Contains studio and live cuts from 1982 to 1984 ... (34) cuts

*** bct #10: v/a - "I'm Buck Naked" cassette ***

Fifty-six cuts in 60 minutes from Drills (Washington, USA), Love Canal (California, USA), Psycho (Massachusetts, USA), Detention (New Jersey USA), No Response (Wisconsin), Eat The Rich (California, USA), Unexpected (New Jersey, USA), Raw Power (Italy), Disorderly Conduct (New York, USA), Akutt Innleggelse (Norway), Accelerators (New Jersey, USA) and Suburban Decay (Ohio, USA).

*** bct #11: v/a - "Brain Of Stone" cassette ***

international punk/hardcore sampler with Razor Blades (Denmark), Disrespect (Denmark), Flare Xode Panrere (Denmark), the Accused (u$a), Toxin 111 (u$a), Mental Crisis (u$a), Wallflowers (u$a), Diet Of Worms (u$a), Power Of The Spoken Word (u$a), Love Canal (u$a), Not Moving (Italy), Wild Hairs (u$a), Bill Of Rights (Canada),
&*!!% (West Germany), Ani(x)Vax (West Germany), Kanalkotzer (West Germany), Vicious Circle (Australia), Killing Children (u$a), Happy Flowers (u$a), Yothinasia (u$a), Youth Korps (u$a), Cancerous Growth (u$a) ... (58) cuts

* bct #12: v/a - "Hideous Freaks Search for Happiness" cassette *

All U.S.A. compilation with Happy World, Ministry Of Truth, Drills, Angry White Boys, Entropy, Catharsis, Hates, Born Without A Face, Toejam, ?, Useless Pieces Of Shit, Arcata Boys Choir, Psycho, Teenage Depression, US Distress, Sacred Denial, Self Inflicted Wounds, White Pigs, and State Of Confusion. The tape of many names: Break Slamming, May Cause Dependence On Laxatives, Not A Bunch Of Love Songs, Squeezing The Green Weenie, You Make Me Feel Ookie, Pure Erotic Fluff, I'm Taking A Drug -- It's Coming From These Speakers ... (48) cuts

*** bct #13: Stazione Suicida / Putrid Fever - split cassette ***

100% Italian Hardcore. Two of Italy's hottest bands of the time -- Mama mia, that's a spicy piece of plastic! Contains studio cuts plus all of Putrid Fever's live stuff from LWC #1.

*** bct #14: "Tropical Viruses" vol. ONE cassette ***

From Grito Suburbano (Suburban Scream) LP (first punk LP in Brazil): Olho Seco, Inocentes, Colera; Sub LP: Ratos De Porao, Colera, Psikoze, Fogo Cruzado; Lixomania "Violencia E Sobrevivencia" (Violence And Survival) EP. Compiled by Ricardo Lobo, Tropical Viruses #1 and #2 contain all Brazilian HC to make it to vinyl before '84. Shit-loads of Brazilian HC. Heartfelt. In Portuguese. Greg "McDeath" McWhorter of Artifix Records (Bags, Controllers, etc.) was the artist who drew the cover art ... (41) cuts

*** bct #15: v/a - "Tropical Viruses" vol. TWO cassette ***

Early '80s, very out of print HC records, with permission. Contains Fogo Cruzado continued from the Sub LP. From O Comeco Do Fim Do Mundo (The Beginning Of The End Of The World) festival (first Brazilian punk festival), Dose Brutal, M19, Estado De Coma, and sixteen other bands. Tape also contains Olho Seco "Botas, Fuzis E Capacetes" (Boots, Guns, And Helmets) EP and Inocentes "Miseria E Fome" EP.

*** bct #16: v/a - "Senza Tregua" cassette ***

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, SDP, Wardogs, I Refuse It!, Traumatic, Juggernaut, Putrid Fever, Useless Boys. Great studio versions of LWC material. Well recorded. GDHC Studio Compilation, 60 minute version ... (28) cuts

*** bct #17: Raw Power - "Live In The USA '84" cassette ***

True power from six U.S. shows during their 1984 tour when their "Screams From The Gutter" LP was released. Forty-three unrelenting tunes. Tracks 1-3 from Cleveland September 7th, tracks 4-16 from Cincinatti September 4th, tracks 17-23 from Pittsburgh September 6th, tracks 24-32 from Chicago August 24th, tracks 33-37 from Philadelphia August 3rd, tracks 38-42 from Boston July 29th ... (43) cuts

*** bct #18: v/a - "I Thrash, Therefore I Am" cassette ***

The single best BCT tape. European hardcore compilation featuring Mob 47 (Sweden), Product Assar (Sweden), Moderat Likvidation (Sweden), Kuolema (Finland), Existenz (Sweden), Akutt Innleggelse (Norway), Groteska Taskar (Sweden), Xpozez (England), Anti-Cimex (Sweden), Raw Power (Italy), Enola Gay (Denmark), T.A.S.K. (Sweden), Rudolfs Rache (West Germany), Mottek (West Germany).

*** bct #19: Indigesti - "Sguardo Realtà" cassette ***

More Italian punk, one of the most explosive bands ever. All known recordings, including their totally out of print 1st split 7" e.p. cuts,
contains sudio & live cuts 1981-1983 ...

*** bct #20: Injections - s/t cassette ***

One of the earliest and best San Diego bands (now defunct). Contains studio and live cuts from '80 and '81. Includes two awesome single cuts. Music has a '79 sound because it's from '79, etc. This is the only non-HC BCT band, hard late '70s punk ... (25) cuts.

*** bct #21: v/a - "Kaaos Zine Presents" cassette ***

(32) cuts of mid 80's international hardcore/punk with Entropy (u$a), Massacre (Finland), Spastic Rats (u$a), Pravada (Finland), Caustic Defiance (u$a), Poliisvaltio (Finland)

*** bct #22: v/a - "Spanish HC" cassette ***

(45) cuts of Discharge influenced hardcore/punk & mostly in Spanish with MG15, IV Reich, R.I.P., Frenopticss, Anti-dogmatics, Ultimo Resorte ....

*** bct #23: "Funeral Oration/Gepøpel" split cassette" ***

(35) cuts of classic mid 80's Dutch hardcore/punk, each band has thirty minutes ...

*** bct #24: v/a - "Car Crash Music" cassette ***

(40) cuts of international 80's hardcore/punk with
Fear Itself, Uptight, Youth Quake, Utter Stench, Maggot Sandwich, Like A Horse, Bloodlake, 9/9, Challenger Crew (West Germany), and Subterranean Kids (Spain)

*** bct #25: v/a - "They Decide... You Pay!" cassette ***

More Italian hardcore! Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, Savage Circle, Vivisexione, P.S.A., Cani, I Refuse It!, London 77, Kina, Noise Noise Noise. Noisy music, clean recording (more clean than usual) ... (25) cuts

*** bct #26: v/a - "Barabbas Records Comp" cassette ***

Finnish comp with WDM, KTMK, TK, Varaus, Aparat, Aivoprotesti, Protesti, Tampere SS, and Fucking Finland ... (44) cuts

*** bct #27: v/a - "Experience The Freedom Of Total Control" cassette ***

(29) cuts of 80's international hardcore/punk with Extrem (Austria), Emils (West Germany), Direct Action (Canada), the Sins, Brain Damage, Righteous Pigs, System Overload, and M.B.P."

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