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Disclose / Totalitär - split cassette

Image of Disclose / Totalitär - split cassette


Swedish raw HC/punk paired with Japanese d-beat raw punk .

unofficial reissue of their (2001) split album.


Totalitär - Vi Brutaliseras

Totalitär - Frihet Utan Ansvar

Totalitär - Du Ska Strappas

Totalitär - Ytans Makt

Totalitär - Utseendets Förtryck

Totalitär - Etik Till Salu

Disclose - Despair

Disclose - In Agony

Disclose - Standard

Disclose - Endless War

Disclose - Future Extinction

Disclose - War Is Insanity


Totalitär recorded Sept 1998 at Studio D-Takt.

Disclose recorded on 8-tracks portable recorder at Bullshit studios in 5 hours 06/06/98.

B1 to B3, B5 & B6 previously released on "Total Dis-Lickers" demo tape in summer'98.

label: I don't know, ask a punk