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EU’S ARSE - “Attacca le menti: discografia 1981/1985” Gatefold LP+CD



F.O.A.D.‘s crusade on bringing back to light the most influential and memorable ’80s Hardcore/Thrash classics never stops, those familiar with our previous releases have certainly noticed our passion for early Italian Hardcore, having released bands like RAW POWER, NERORGASMO, UPSET NOISE, CRASH BOX, PEGGIO PUNX, STINKY RATS and so on.. Now it’s time for the ultimate, most complete and devoted-to-quality EU’S ARSE discography ever made!!  43 songs tracing their complete studio and live history in the furious years of Italian Punk/Hardcore: 1981 to 1985!! Forget the previous bad sounding vinyl-ripped compilations cheaply edited and half-done, this one includes all stuff transfered from 1/4″ analog reels and first generation master tapes, restored and remastered at Toxic Basement studio for the most faithful and intense sound quality. Recordings included here are: “Lo stato ha bisogno di te? Bene fottilo!” 7″ (1982), “Questa è la loro speculazione di morte” Split 7″ w/ IMPACT (1983), Demo 1981 (unreleased), Demo 1983 (unreleased), December 1984 Reh/Demo and a bonus CD filled with rare live recordings 1982-1985!! And to complete the F.O.A.D. treatment that this legendary band deserved, this sonic treasure comes served in a thick reverseboard gatefold including a 16 page 12″x12″ booklet displaying an incredible collection of early day photos, flyers, record inserts, liner notes and lyrics. Now, how to introduce them? Can you imagine a band that had the same wall of distortion, filth and dbeat intensity of Doom, Wolfpack and E.N.T. but back in 1982/1983? The answer is: EU’S ARSE. Italy had a lot of raging chaos-core mongers back in the first wave of 80s HC (just think of Wretched, Underage, Declino, early Negazione and so on) but those who really brought the discharged formula into the Italian sound and anticipated the crustcore mayhem that exploded all around years later, are hands down EU’S ARSE. They only left 2 ep’s back then, but that was enough to inspire a whole generation of Noise/thrash maniacs. Even RATOS DE PORAO included a cover of their anthem “Servitù militari” on an album!  No matter if you’re more into 80’s old school distorted HC/Punk or latter Crust/Dbeat filthiness, this is the true and most complete EU’S ARSE discography to date – you can’t miss it in your collection!!

label: F.O.A.D. records, Italian import

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