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Impact / Eu's Arse split 7"


80's Italian hardcore / punk ...

official reissue on Black Water records.


Impact - Polizia

Impact - Governo

Impact - Dolci Sensazione


Impact - La Lettera

Impact - Giustizia

Impact - Cadaveri

Eu's Arse - Cibernauti

Eu's Arse - E Noi?

Eu's Arse - Fino A Quando?

Eu's Arse - Servitù Militari

Eu's Arse - Corruzione Statale


Official reissue of one of the most legendary and sought after splits in Italian hardcore history (second maybe to wretched/indigesti??) originally self-released by eu’s arse in 1983 with 1,000 copies pressed. this reissue features the original layout including all the extra inserts and lyric sheets that have not been available in over 20 years! 11 tracks of raw and powerfully intense Italian hardcore clocking in at around 21 minutes

label: Black Water records