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Juntess ‎– "Under The Red Moon" Lp


Another hidden gem of high class Japanese Hardcore on F.O.A.D. Records! Originally released on CD back in 1991 and now for the first time on vinyl, this spectacular album has all the features of an early 90s Japanese HC classic: rage, speed, introspective lyrics and an astonishing guitar work made of catchy riffs and some of the most memorable solos of the time, all this backed by a really solid production. After delivering this great full length and few 7"s the band broke up, some members went on playing with other legendary acts such as Liberate, Crow, Hazard and more. Specially remastered for vinyl, housed in a gatefold LP including lyrics, flyers, artworks of the time. Recommended if you like Death Side, Bastard, Poison Arts, Nightmare and other classic Japanese HC ragers of that kind!


Knells For The Past

Can't Stop It?

Fight Against II

See Through The Truth

Dead Or Alive

You Were Free

Desperate World

Master Of This World

Rest In Peace

Beyond Control

In A Dream, He Told Me


Under The Red Moon

Lunatic Fancy

Black Star

My Life (Things Take Their Ways)


Comes in a gatefold sleeve.

250 copies were pressed on limited red vinyl.

label: F.O.A.D. records, Italian import