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Lobotomia – "Nada É Como Parece !" Lp


We proudly present the re-press of the classic 2nd Lobotomia LP! Incredibly good stuff and the original vinyl is incredibly hard to find. Brazilian hardcore at it’s best mixed up with killer trash metal. A must for all punks and metal heads!

For this pressing has been included the english translations of the lyrics for the first time.


Nada E Como Parece

Donos Do Sistema / Mosh To Die

Penso, Logo Desisto (Mas insisto)

Fiquem, Se Distraiam

Ratos Da Cidade


Drugs (Sua Vida Comeca A Acabar)

Sem Palavras


Recorded and mixed in 1989 on 16-track @ J.G. Studios, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Printed lyric innersleeve.

Reissue of their 2nd album from 1989 on Cogumelo Records.

label: Black Water records

also instock:

Lobotomia - s/t Lp (1987) black water records