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Quod Massacre ‎– "Kje Je Odgovor!" Lp + CD


(gatefold / black vinyl)

QM's history began in the 80's HC/punk city of Ljubljana (ex-YU) where punk/hc and underground scene had its steady grip. Quod Masscre is not unknown names among those who listened 80's European HC. According to some hc/punk lovers, QM was one of the best things that happened on the ex-yu 80's scene. The band during the 80's and 90's participated in many international vinyl and cassette collections. At last, all the good bits are now in the same place. 

QM stands for melodic, strong, energetic, passionate HC with a large dose of sensitivity, and originality. If you like good 80's HC, do not miss QUOD MASSACRE!   All songs are remastered!!


Kje Je Ogdovor!

Quod Massacre


V Oceh

So Ljudje

Solze Umazane

Vasa Generacija



Ko Zlezes Usodi V Rit

Ni Oseb Ali Bistva

Ponekad Poneko

Moja Kri


label: NE! records, import from Sweden