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Razzia ‎– "Live" Lp

Image of Razzia ‎– "Live" Lp


(180 gram)

Official re-release of raids of the then farewell concert from the factory in Hamburg-Altona from the year 1992. Estmals in 180g vinyl and A3 text side printed on both sides. The edition also contains in addition to the regular black vinyl on 333 pieces of strictly limited white vinyl, which is only available at COLTURSCHOCK. 17 live tracks in over 50 minutes of playing time random through their creative phase. Of all four studio albums there is a selection of the typical raid sound to be heard. But rare songs are also represented, such as: "Work is free", "ass in the coffin", "Force", "the Mercenary" and the version of "at the Sea". This live concert is the last legacy of the cast around the singer Rajas Thiele. Came out on the band's own label Triton and has been completely out of print since the mid-90s.

label: Colturschock records, German import