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the YOUNG LIONS - "From The Vault" LP + 7"

Image of the YOUNG LIONS - "From The Vault" LP + 7"


Fans of early Canadian punk and hardcore rejoice! Unreleased and lost gems are brought together on a beauty piece of wax, well two actually. For those of you not aware this influential Toronto band rocked the early 80s scene with their street punk influenced socially aware hardcore music. Imagine if the Canadian SUBHUMANS and THE CLASH fucked in the skanky bathroom of the Edgewater Hotel in 1980. If you don’t remember the band or know of their legacy, you may have grown up watching SCTV and know who the Queenhaters are from an episode of ‘Mel’s Rock Pile’. Guess who wrote the music for ‘I Hate The Bloody Queen’? That’s right TYL did!

includes the 12×24 colour insert

label: Schizophrenic records, Canadian import