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v/a - "I've Got An Attitude Problem" 7"


80's international HC / punk comp 7", dead stock copies that include the rare head in a vice insert.


Wretched - Fino In Fondo (Right Till The End)

Wretched- Usa La Tua Rabbia (Use Your Anger)

Raw Power - Raw Power

Raw Power - You Shock Me

Psycho - End Of The World

Satanic Malfunctions - Just Another Protest Song

Mob 47 - Fred & Rättvisa (Peace & Justice)

Mob 47 - Lögner (Lies)

Quod Massacre - Ponekad - Poneko (Sometimes - Someone)

Funeral Oration - Demented

Funeral Oration - Going Further


This version has plain red labels.

Music transferred from cassettes to reel at Don's Cassettes, San Diego.

Total time 12:50
Comes in B&W foldout sleeve that contains lyrics/info.


• Wretched - 1st EP w/ Indigesti (on BCT #2 "Music On Fire").

• Raw Power - Live 12-4-1983 Pisa (on BCT #5 "Raw Power").

• Psycho - Live WERS-FM Boston (on BCT #10 "I'm Buck Naked").

• Satanic Malfunctions (recorded for this EP).

• Mob 47 (on BCT #18 "I Thrash Therefore I Am").

• Quod Massacre - 3rd studio demo February 1986.

• Funeral Oration - "Nothing Left To Laugh About" tape, October 1983 (on BCT #23 "Funeral Oration/Gepøpel").

label: B.C.T. records & Tapes