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Image of v/a - "NACIDO PARA ESTORBAR" Lp


killer compilation of 80s rare and unreleased recordings by some of the most interesting Spanish Hardcore/Punk bands: FRENOPATICSS, seminal aggressive punk combo which would later be the seed of Subterranean Kids and GRB, featuring three tracks re-mastered from the original tapes; ATTAK, the first band to be hardly influenced by the fast sound of Discharge or Crass, featuring some live tracks (as they never officially recorded anything); KANGRENA, who have already an anthology CD released by BCore though lacking of these tracks that were originally released on a 7" single; SENTIDO COMUN, with their darker approach to punk, closer to Killing Joke or Flux of Pink Indians, featuring future Subterranean Kids guitarist; and finally CODIGO NEUROTICO, who trespassed the barriers of the underground being featured on a film and having their songs produced by further spanish pop-stars Los Burros/El Último de la Fila. This is not the first time in history that this record is planned to be released. In fact, this vinyl LP package, including its original artwork, was supposed to be released in 1989, but it finally couldn't see the light. So we've recovered that original artwork and masters and released it, exactly 20 years after the birth of the idea, as a prove of the richness and enthusiasm that punk and hardcore treasured in the early eighties in Barcelona, but that unfortunately couldn't many times be shown because of lack of support.

label: B-Core records, import from Spain