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v/a - "Senza Tregua: Granducato Hardcore" Lp

Image of v/a - "Senza Tregua: Granducato Hardcore" Lp


Italian hardcore / punk recorded from November 1983 to March 1984.


Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Commandos

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Terminal Fun

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Mad Race

Stato Di Polizia - La Croce

Stato Di Polizia - Il Cantico Delle Creature

Stato Di Polizia - Uccidi Tuo Fratello

Stato Di Polizia -Paura

Wardogs -The State Of Things

Wardogs - Fried Brains

Putrid Fever - Aikido

Putrid Fever - Never Again

I Refuse It! - Agguato

I Refuse It! - Noi Vi Odiamo

I Refuse It! - Frecce Avvelenate Sul Comitato Disastri

Traumatic - Cold City

Traumatic - Time Is Gone

Juggernaut - Conv. Act

Juggernaut - Inflow Sister

Juggernaut - Tomorrow

Juggernaut - Land Speed


Reissue of 1984 cassette released by Bad Compilation Tapes.

Includes a reproduction of Winston Smiths artwork and a booklet with liner notes.

label: BCT records & tapes / Schizophrenic records