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VICIOUS CIRCLE - "The Price Of Progress/ Reflections" 2xLp

Image of VICIOUS CIRCLE - "The Price Of Progress/ Reflections" 2xLp


The first part from the Vicious Circle Discography contains their first two LP's. The first LP "The Price of Progress" original got released in 1985 on Reactor Records and features 15 tracks of fine powerful hardcore similar to early Discharge material, includes the awesome "Outo Maa" cover version of Terveet KÀdet. The second LP contains the material from the" Reflections" LP recorded in 1986 including 13 tracks of high energy Hardcore Punk. The double LP includes a special booklet with a lot of information about the history of Vicious Circle written by Paul (original singer of Vicious Circle).The first pressing is limited to 500 red copies ...


Internal Control

Out On A Limb

Public Minister

Terminal Breath

Welfare Case


Blood Race

Price Of Progress

Distorted Truth


Pull A Rabbit


Sleep Talk

No Guarantee

Outo Maa

Common Denominator

Personality Crisis


Mass Confusion

Doubtful Season

Psuedo Genocide

Hope And Wait

Son Of Epitaph

Under The Surface

One More Step

Police Brutality

Broadcast Of Terror

Inside Operation

label: Power It Up records, German import