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Anti Septic / the Clay - split Lp


(limited to 200 copies, fantastic top quality release, mastered for vinyl for best/huge sound. Includes a double sided fold-out insert)

80's Japanese hardcore / punk ...

Anti Septic = "First Last" 7" (1985)

the Clay = (2) cuts from v/a - "Great Punk Hits" Lp & Live soundboard from 1983 (1st time on vinyl)


Visions Of Power

War Game

Dice With Death

Death Or Glory

Future Terror


Freeze Bomb

Distraction Symbols

War To End War

War Crimes

Black Flag


Past Americana


Plejofensiva Punkto

Destroy Fascism


Future Terror

Buffer Zone

The Demilitarized Neutrality

limited to 200 copies

label: fanclub, unofficial release, import from Brasil