Image of Black Uniforms ‎– "Faces Of Death" Lp

Black Uniforms ‎– "Faces Of Death" Lp


(our copies arrived sealed with a corner bend, nothing to bad and can hardly notice in polybag, the price is reduced couple $$$, makes a great play copy!)

Swedish hardcore punk band with thrash/speed metal influences. Originally active from 1981 until 1983 when one of their members joined Moderat Likvidation (Cliff) and Puma joined The Bristles (2). The band got back together in the late 1986.
Cliff later joined Anti Cimex and after that he formed Driller Killer.

official reissue of their (1989) album


City Of The Dead
Do u Conform?
Teenage Waste
Acid Punk
City Of The Dead II
Over N' Out
A Good Cop Is...
Into The Funhouse
Computer World


Limit to 1000, all hand numbered
also an small insert.

label: Unrest records, import

Image of Black Uniforms ‎– "Faces Of Death" Lp