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Brutal - "Kasetti E.P." cassette

Image of Brutal - "Kasetti E.P." cassette


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2nd wave Finnish hardcore/punk rules, and these song are even better than the one sided 7" (87/88) that my twin brother and I have loved since we were teenagers in the late 80's. I can't fucking wait to hear more by them after over almost 25 years!

Second generation of the Finnish hard core from Äänekoski of the central Suomi which continued the Suomi 82' sound in the second half of the 80's in the same vein as their brothers in arms from the period: SABOTAASI, TREBLINKA, early CMX, PAINIJAINEN, SEKAANNUS, MAFIA, with the last two the band was featured on the legendary V/A JUPPI ep; this is the unreleased studio recording from 1987, recorded before their 88' "TAVAPPAT PISARAT" ep and featuring the original singer Arto! It's the official release and is remastered from original tracks!!!

official release, ltd to 100 copies!

Label: Aftermath tapes, import from Croatia