Image of CRASH BOX - "Schegge - Discografia 1983/2012" 2xCD

CRASH BOX - "Schegge - Discografia 1983/2012" 2xCD


The most complete, detailed, exhaustive and done-with-heart CRASH BOX discography ever released, put together in more than 2 years of complicated and endless work. 67 tracks including 4 brand new studio high kicks + all their records and demos mastered from restored 1st generation reels + unreleased live extras! Deluxe 6 panel digipack with 40 page booklet filled to the limit with photos, flyers, lyrics and liner notes in the classical line of quality you can expect from F.O.A.D. Records. For those still not familiar with this legendary Italian old school Hardcore unit, here's how it was introduced by Stiv Valli on an old TVOR flyer back in the day: "this band is in the heart of all Italian HC fans. Melodic but strong & fast HC with a crossover metal edge. Tommy from Italian Thrash/HC leaders Extrema as special guest on lead guitars". And later for their 2nd full length..: "The band's final epitaph, back to the HC roots of the early days. Hot and fast melodic 100% Hardcore". So if you're a fan of classic Italian HC bands like NEGAZIONE, UPSET NOISE, RAW POWER, BLOODY RIOT, INDIGESTI - this is another FOAD gem you can't miss, and it's guaranteed to pulverize all the previous bad sounding vinyl ripped editions, plus this includes loads more of music and graphic contents!

label: F.O.A.D. records, Italian imort