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Cycotic Youth - s/t Lp

Image of Cycotic Youth - s/t Lp


(blue vinyl / ltd 100)

the Vinyl Lp is only the 13 Song Demo From 1986 and has an 8 Page Booklet Insert Sound is Excilent. 500 Made on Black Wax and 500 on Blue Wax, Restored From The Master Reels For Best Sound Quality. The CD contains all 3 of there demos 1985, 1986, 1987 as Bonus Songs, 23 Songs in Total. the 1987 has 2 of the 3 founding members of cryptic slaughter in the band . the 1986 demo personally I think is one of the best hardcore demos of the 1980s . Strongly influenced by the 1st Suicidal Album & Neighborhood Watch in music style. this is true Classic Venice Hardcore Punk Rock ,Suicidal Punks.