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Dischange ‎– "The Demos" Lp + Meanwhile - Lp's


Swedish D-beat band from Eskilstuna, existing in the late 80s, and early 90s. Maybe one of the first Dis clone bands. Later they formed Meanwhile another dispunk band.


"Demo 1 - 1989"

Blind Paths

Fucking Madness

USA - Image Of Welfare

Bister Verklighet

Ignorance Will...

Agonized Faces

"Demo 2 - 1990"

Resist The Statecontrol

Ignorance Will...

Victims Of Madness

The End Is Here

Down The Right Hand Path

Fight For Your Right

Moral Downfall

Agonized Faces

Desperate Screams

Power From Fear


500 copies on black vinyl.

Comes with insert.

label: Rust & Machine records

also instock by Meanwhile:

Meanwhile - "Remaining Right: Silence" Lp (feral ward)

Meanwhile - "The Road To Hell" Lp (feral ward)

Meanwhile - "Reality Or Nothing" Lp (feral ward)

Meanwhile - "Lawless Solidarity" Lp (nuclear fear records, import)