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Distress / Odpadki Civilizacije - split Lp (yellow vinyl / ltd 150)


limited to 150 copies on yellow vinyl

Distress side has been recut for the color vinyl and their side plays on 45 rpm!!!! and the sound is as great as thel 1/4 real master tape.
Best possible sound!

Odpadki Civilizacije side still plays at 33 like on the regular black vinyl pressing.

All songs were taken from original 1/4 inch studio master tapes and remastered in the Usa.

There's many bonus songs previously unreleased.

The Distress whole story is explained by Gvido and Odpadki Civilizacije by Samo (guitar player).

Includings rare photos,lyric sheet and more.


1-Izdaja Ljudskih Prava
4-Put U Raj

5-Put U Raj recorded live 12/1984

1-4 studio 1984 , previously released as 'put u raj' 7'' in 200 copies

5-soundboard live,as support of BGK live in Zemun,previously unreleased

Odpadki Civilizacije

1-Vojna Smrt
3-24 ur
4-Linija Fronta
7-Zaklenjena Vrata
8-Svoboda Govora

9-24 ur alt.version

10,11,12 Lublana,Propad,Nazi svinje soundboard live 29.11.1984

1-4 HC Ljubljana LP

5-9 HC Ljubljana recordings , previously unreleased

10-12 soundboard live previously unreleased

label: Rest In Punk records, euro import

also instock:

Distress / Odpadki Civilizacije - split Lp (black vinyl / ltd 250)

found a small box of black vinyl copies.

limited to 250 copies