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Final Blast - "Total Blast 85/86" cassette


Aftermath Tapes proudly presents its first release in year 16’: AT.007. Final Blast „Total Blast 85'/86'“official discography cassette OUT NOW!!!

Approved by the band vocalist François Bouthiaux, including all of their recorded material.

This tape features three demos from which 2 songs where included on their split ep with fellow French noise core legends Rapt put out by Wretched vocalist's label Chaos produzioni, which was their only vinyl release. Also songs from both V/A Rapsodie en france tape and record. songs from V/A „1984-the second“ and all of their other material which was included on various international hardcore punk tape compilations from the 80’s.

The legendary Final Blast was a mid-tempo hardcore punk band influenced by British and ushc bands of the era but had their own unique distinctive French punk sound which was melodic and raw in the same time similar to Les Vandales, Heimat Los or Butcher. This is a mid 80's euro HC masterpiece and a part of a French punk history!!!!

11 tracks professionally duplicated and limited to 100 tapes (50 white and 50 green with pad print)

Tnx a lot to Gurpaul Brar for cover art and to Ana for the cassette design.

label: Aftermath cassettes, import from Croatia