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Flux Of Pink Indians ‎– "Live Statement" Lp

Image of Flux Of Pink Indians ‎– "Live Statement" Lp


Flux of Pink Indians were an anarcho-punk band from Hertfordshire, who released 3 completely different LP's from 1982 - 1986. The first was hardcore angry punk, the third, a mixture of protest tunes, dub, funk and drums. The second LP has the most offensive title ever conceived, and is an incredible burst of noise, political fury and melody.


Is There Anybody There

Sick Butchers

Tapioca Sunrise

Blinded By Science

Some Of Us Scream

Background Of Malfunction

Take Heed


Charity Hilarity

T.V. Dinners

Tube Disasters


They Lie, We Die


The Fun Is Over


limited to 1000 copies

recorded at Sherwood Community Center, Nottingham 1982

label: Overground records, UK import