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GEPØPEL - "Complete 1982 - 1985" Lp

Image of GEPØPEL - "Complete 1982 - 1985" Lp


GEPØPEL belongs to the earliest Hardcore, Punk bands in The Netherlands, it started as a one-man D.I.Y. thingie and gradually mutated into a real band playing fast, thrashy Eighties Hardcore. So when you talk about dutch Eighties scene, about LÄRM, PANDEMONIUM, MORZELPRONK, INDIREKT, BGK, ... don´t forget GEPØPEL.

The band existed from 1982 - 1985 only and on this compilation LP you get most of their studio songs that have never been released, some songs from the "The Wolf In Sheep´s Clothing" sampler LP and the complete "Parricide" EP from 1985.

label: Noise & Distortion records, import