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Kuolleet Kukat - "Antologia 84-86/93-95" 2xCD

Image of Kuolleet Kukat - "Antologia 84-86/93-95" 2xCD


(mint/sealed by label with small sticker)

Kuolleet Kukat is a Finnish punk band. The band was founded in spring 1984 and they released their first EP the same year. Soon the band split up but they were reunited again in the mid 1990s for a couple of years.

official collection/reissue …

2xCD in gatefold cardboard sleeve with booklet. Booklet includes lyrics


collects ~

Isoveli Valvoo 7" (1984)

Demo (1985) [7, 12, 14, 15 Appeared On Vallankumous 7"

Demo (1986)

Demo (1984)

Kyynelkaasua! 7" (1994)

Kansanmurha CD (1995)

Who Cares? Compilation 7" (1997)

Live Tavastia Club 11.01.95

label: Fight records, Finnish import