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LIFE - "The World Lies Across Them" Lp

Image of LIFE - "The World Lies Across Them" Lp


Reissue of Tokyo LIFE debut LP from 1999. Classic second wave Japanese Blown Out Crust Hardcore. Contemporary with bands like DISCLOSE (which Abe Chan from LIFE played bass at times), GLOOM, FRIGORA or COLLAPSE SOCIETY, -The World Lies Across Them- remains as one of the most intense Japanese hardcore records of their time. Their intense music is equally matched by their strong Anti Nuclear and Pro-Peace message.


No Peaceful Purpose For Nuclear Weapons

Resist The System

Waste Material

A Collective Of Individuals

This Society

What's The Nature?

Eco System

Our Song

Human Centerdeism

Don't Ask Me Why


The World Lies Across Them


500 press

label: La Vida Es Un Mus Discos, UK import