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M.D.C.‎– "Millions Of Dead Cops" Lp

Image of M.D.C.‎– "Millions Of Dead Cops" Lp


MDC, or Millions of Dead Cops, began in 1979 in Austin, Texas under the name the Stains.

official reissue of their (1982) album with the original / 1st mix.


Business On Parade

Dead Cops / America's So Straight

Born To Die

Corporate Deathburger

Violent Rednecks

I Remember

John Wayne Was A Nazi

Dick For Brains

I Hate Work

Kill The Light

My Family Is A Little Weird

Greedy & Pathetic

Church & State

American Achievements


This is a reissue of the original 1982 version / first mix, with a slightly different track order on side B.

Printed double-sided lyric insert included.

label: Puke & Vomit records