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No Mercy - "OG No Mercy" Lp

Image of No Mercy - "OG No Mercy" Lp


(clear vinyl, poster, insert)

No Mercy was speed metal/crossover band formed in Venice, California in the early 1980's. The band has been closely tied to Suicidal Tendencies throughout its history. Guitarist Mike Clark has been a member of Suicidal Tendencies since 1988. Suicidal vocalist Mike Muir joined the band after original singer Kevin Guercio departed. Bassist Ric Clayton designed the original Suicidal Tendencies logo and many of the shirts that appeared on the cover of Suicidal's first LP and briefly played bass with the band in 1987. Drummer Sal Troy was also a member of Mike Muir's mid 1980's side project Los Cycos.

No Mercy appeared on few compilations with Kevin Guercio fronting the band before Mike Muir replaced him in 1985.