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O!Kult - "Mladi Imajo Moc" (The Young Have The Power) 7"



As this year is O! Kult's 30th anniversary, this is a great opportunity to celebrate this extraordinary group by releasing this EP. O! Kult was active during the early 80's punk fortress Ljubljana.They played frequently in city and starred in the most famous Slovenian music festival "Novi Rock" 1982. O! Kult music is compact, rugged and sweaty, uncompromising in the mid-tempo 80's (anarcho) punk of the best kind. All this is spiced with a very strong screaming and determined, varying vocal as a lovely mix of the good (sometimes his way of singing reminiscent of Jello Biafra, Allan Deek and Johnny Rotten). Their lyrics were socially critical, brave and clear, but clever and very bold and uncomfortable and difficult to manage. Therefore heavily guarded and forbidden! Although the O! Kult was one of the most radical bands in ex-Yu and their songs were banned from playing on the radio to avoid that their music would affect and damage the fine and normative youth, label SKUC gave out their only cassette (first in 300 and then 200 copies). Here no one will be disappointed and those who like anarcho punk will get a nice surprise! LTD edition in great 4-color gatefold sleeve and printed inner with lyrics in english. All songs are remastered!!


printed inner sleeve

label: NE! records, Swedish import