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Panico ‎– "1985" 7"

Image of Panico ‎– "1985" 7"


Hardcore Punk Band from Peru

First Hardcore Punk Band in their country. Influenced by Discharge, Raw Power, Indigesti, G.B.H., R.I.P. and IV Reich. Just a few gigs in their short life: One in the Week of Law Career at San Marcos University, beeing Supporting Band of Narcosis in Magia and performing at Campo de Marte where they presented their only demo (1985).


Lucha X Libertad 1:36

Traición A La Patria 3:11

Todo Es Caos

Niños 2:42

Quemar Sus Costumbres 2:40

Pánico 1:24

label: Sin Temores records