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Razzia – "Tag Ohne Schatten" Lp + other Razzia reissues


(2002 pressing new & unplayed)

German Punk Band from Hamburg-Langenhorn formed in 1979.


Schatten Über Geroldshofen

Halbes Schwein



Nacht Im Ghetto

BRD-& Co. KG

Am Nächsten Tag

That's Ya Guilt


Das Letzte Stadium



Pro Future

Southern Command

GG Art. 5


Recorded at Musiclab, October 1983 (A1, A6, A7, B1 - B3)

Recorded at Musiclab, August 1983 (A2, A3, B4, B7)

Recorded at Ultraschall, Hamburg, April 1983 (A4, A5, B5, B6)

Recorded at Musiclab, Berlin, August 1982 (A8)

Originally released in 1983.

℗© 1983

label: Weird System records, German import

also instock:

Razzia - "Ausflug Mit Franziska" Lp

Official re-release of the classic from 1986. Comes for the first time in the stable LP-folding cover, in the inlay is the complete artwork and texts, which were originally on the inner shell. In addition to the regular black vinyl, the edition also includes red and white, which is strictly limited to 333 pieces and only available at COLTURSCHOCK. The second album outing with Franziska set new standards in the mid-1980s and is therefore rightly traded as one of the best and most independent publications in the German-speaking punk field. Through the very special morbid texts, targeted insertion of the synthesizer, coupled with a melodic end-time mood and finally rounded off by singer Raja's unique vocals, a work was created which by its autonomy and variety only Teeming and unequalled. Was then raids first Veröffetlichung on their band own label Triton and since their resolution 1992 completely out of print.

Razzia - "Live" Lp (180 gram vinyl)

Official re-release of the then-farewell concert from the factory in Hamburg-Altona from the year 1992. Estmals in the 180g vinyl and on both sides printed A3 text insert. The edition also includes the regular black vinyl on 333 pieces of strictly limited white vinyl, which is only available at COLTURSCHOCK. 17 live tracks in over 50 minutes of playing time random through their creative phase. Of all four studio albums, there is a selection of typical raid sounds to listen to. But rare songs are also represented, such as: "Work is free", "ass in the coffin", "par", "the Mercenary" and the original of "at the Sea". This live concert is the last legacy of the cast to singer Rajas Thiele. Came out on tape's own label Triton and has been completely out of print since the mid-90s. import

Razzia - "Menschen Zu Wasser" Lp

Remastered!!! The 25jährigen anniversary of the third studio album is now being re-released on vinyl. On "people to Water" The band 1989 was even more adventurous than on their 3 years previously released album "Outing with Franziska ". In addition to new elements such as electronic beats or spoken vocals ( "Heart "), the synthesizer also finds targeted use. Together with the morbid RAID-typical lyrics and the unique singing of the original singer Rajas, a dark, multifaceted work with menacing parts and a poetic atmosphere arose. This is especially reflected in the already 1987 designed tracks "Bog ", "The Fly Fond", "sun gripper " or "Herb's" again. With "People to water" the musical development was further advanced, which made the raid more and more withdrawn from the classical German punk of the 80s and in turn gained independence. The LP appears in 140g vinyl and with a thick 300g/m² insert, which contains all texts and unpublished photos.