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SACRILEGE - "Time to Face the Reaper, Demos 84-86" 2xLp

Image of SACRILEGE - "Time to Face the Reaper, Demos 84-86" 2xLp


Sacrilege emerged from the UK hardcore scene in the mid '80s. Featuring ex-members of Warwound and Varukers, Sacrilege took the UK hardcore sounds of the day (Discharge, Varukers, Icons Of Filth, Antisect) and mixed in a combination of powerful thrash and metal. The resulting mix was a high-energy metal/hardcore hybrid which quickly stood apart from many of the other bands mixing punk and metal at the time. Sacrilege had the killer combination of epic metal songwriting with Tam's scorching female vocals and the power, passion and intensity of hardcore punk.


1. Apartheid
2. Bloodlust
3. Dig Your Own Grave
4. Blind Acceptance
5. Stark Reality
6. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
7. A Violation Of Something Sacred
8. Bloodrun
9. Flight Of The Nazgul

10. Sight Of The Wise
11. The Captive
12. Search Eternal
13. The Fear Within
14. Winds Of Vengeance
15. Spirit Cry
16. Insurrection
17. Battlefield (live) (bonus track)

label: Havoc records