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Shotgun Solution - "1983" 7"

Image of Shotgun Solution - "1983" 7"



limited to 350 copies, one of the holy grails of 80's Italian HC/Punk along with Bloody Riot ...

Based in Roma, the band opened for Dead Kennedys in their show in Roma in 1982. Fucking hardcore metal assault.

This repro is a sort of ALTERNATIVE VERSION of the their original EP. In fact, it contains one killer unreleased studio track, Neutron Bomb and a 12 pages booklet full of photos and infos of the band. Great red blood vinyl!

Federico Guglielmi writes:

I produced “Shotgun” EP back in 1983 for my High Rise label. What can I say? The band was from Rome, the name was taken from the Angelic Upstarts song and, yes, the guitarist loved metal (especially Motorhead).

The EP was recorded in one afternoon, with an 8-track. We did five tracks but never mixed the fifth, that was called… oh shit, I don’t remember… but it was too much time ago. It’s the only record of the band, they broke up a few months after the release.

“IKYCIMF” stands for “I Keep Your Cunt In My Freezer”… the song is about a guy who goes out of jail, found his girlfriend with another man and kills her… and put her cunt in his freezer as a “memory”.

Guglielmi also writes:

There aren’t demos, only a few very bad live tapes and the fifth track – not mixed – of the session, called – I remembered! – “Neutron Bomb” (no relation with the Weirdos or Controllers songs).

label: Rave Up records / Hellnation records, Italian import