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the Controllers - s/t Lp


One of the original LA punk bands from 1977, they were the house band at the legendary Masque club and members Kidd Spike became the guitarist of The Gears while Johnny Stingray joined Kaos. This collection takes the best Controllers material, some previously released on rare singles and comps, while the rest is unreleased! Plenty of photos, and liner notes written by Johnny Stingray.


1. (The Original) Neutron Bomb
2. Killer Queers
3. Slow Boy
4. Do The Uganda
5. Another Day
6. Electric Church
7. Jezebel
8. Suburban Suicide
9. Barnacle Bill The Sailor
10. Top Secret
11. Your World
12. Hot Stomp
13. White Trash Christ
14. Tail-Lights To Texas

label: Bacchus Archives records‎