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the Dils - "Class War" Lp

Image of the Dils - "Class War" Lp


One of Los Angeles' and San Francisco's best loved punk bands from the late '70s, this album brings you both sides of their first single from '77 ,"I Hate The Rich," plus ten live tracks from 1980 and some cool photos!


1. I Hate the Rich
2. You're Not Blank
3. Tell Her You Love Her
4. Tell Me What I Want to Hear
5. It's Not Worth It
6. You're Not Blank
7. Red Rockers Rule
8. Mr. Big
9. Sound of the Rain
10. Gimme a Break
11. Modern Don Jaun
12. Class War


This Bacchus Archives release includes The Dils' WHAT 7" and tracks from a rare live album.

label: Bacchus Archives records