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the Lewd - "Kill Yourself ... Again" 2xLp



American punk band formed in Seattle, WA in 1977.

In late 1979, lead singer J. Satz Baret and bassist Blobbo (Kurdt Vanderhoof) moved The Lewd to San Francisco.


Kill Yourself

Trash Can Baby

Pay Or Die

American Wino


I'm Not Pretty

Climate Of Fear

Magnetic Heart

Suburban Prodigy

Beyond Moderation

Polluted Brain


Mobile Home

Cold & Numb

Dressed In Black

Lewd Conduct

We Are Now

Going Downtown

Roman Polanski



Scum Of The Earth

Secret Agent Man

Trash Can Baby

Gun Fun

Roman Polanski

Day Of Decision

Climate Of Fear

(Go To Hell In) Hollywood


Tracks A1 to A3 from Kill Yourself 7"

Tracks A4 to B7 from American Wino LP

Tracks C1 to D2 "Original 1979 demos"

Tracks D3 to D5 "Out-takes from the Kill Yourself sessions"

Tracks D6 and D7 "First San Francisco demo"

label: Demolition Derby records, import