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the Proletariat ‎– "Soma Holiday" Lp

Image of  the Proletariat ‎– "Soma Holiday" Lp


Formed in Southeastern Massachusetts, USA early in 1980, initially as a trio (Frank Michaels, Peter Bevilacqua, and Richard Brown) to which shortly afterwards Tommy McKnight was added. With this line-up they played for almost five years, and appeared on stage 115 times, from Feb 81 until July 1985. Not strictly a "hardcore band" yet strong on the political side, they shared the bill with many of the best punk/HC bands of the time.


Decorations 3:04

Splendid Wars 1:42

Famine 1:54

Embraced 2:36

Events / Repeat 1:56

Another Banner Raised 1:42

Hollow Victory 2:44

Condition 2:09

Avoidance 1:55

Pictures 2:46

Bread And Circus 2:08

Blind 1:49

Subsidized 3:22

Torn Curtain 1:32

Purge 2:40

Scars 1:37

Decide On Change 1:36

No Lesser Of Evils 2:18


Unofficial but very good quality 2013 repro of their (1983) debut album.

Comes with printed lyric inner sleeve.

Tracklisting printed on back cover.

Recorded and mixed @ Radiobeat, Boston.

label: Non-U records, fanclub release, import