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the SADIST - "Total Sex 1984-1990" CD


Japanese Punk/HC band active during the mid-late '80s. Maso Yamazaki's band before Masonna. He was the vocalist for The Sadist under aliases of Rin or Takushi. Their music was highly influenced by The Stalin and some of the ADK Records bands.

Origin of Masonna / Yamazaki Maso has received a golden opinion to reign in the top class for more than 20 years in the world of underground called noise music is this The SADIST. This is the discography album was edited and tracks selection and editied by Yamazaki Maso. Including precious unreleased DEMO and LIVE tracks!!! Total 19 tracks!!!


ダッチワイフ 1:56

Penis In Pussy 1:42

Terrible 1:45

Fuck Me (Live) 3:17

Onapet (Demo) 1:10

ゲロ (Live) 5:42

奴隷 (Demo) 3:13

性犯罪者 1:29

生理用品 4:49

させ子 2:38

Hysteric (Live) 2:10

ダッチワイフ (Live) 2:11

Kill The Metal Kids (Live) 2:23

Onapet (Live) 1:25

Fuck Me (Live) 3:29

クサレオXコ (Live) 2:05

奴隷 (Live) 3:01

ゲロ (Cut Out) (Live) 0:43

性犯罪者 (Live) 1:16


Subtitled: Very best and unreleased tapes (demo, live)

1,8. from V.A. "天橋立に来た岸壁の母" (LP/1986/MCR;MCR-008)

2,3. from "PENIS IN PUSSY" (CASSETTE/1985/Vanilla;Vanilla-1)

4. live at すくらんぶるはうす (1990.12.31)
"1990 Last Live" CD/1993/殺害塩化ビニール;SADIST CD-0707 注:別マスター

5,7. DEMO (1986)

6. live at EGGPLANT (1986.4.21)

9,10. from "生理用品/させ子" (EP/1989/Vanilla;Vanilla-2)

11-19 live at すくらんぶるはうす (1986.3.3)

label: MCR Company ‎records, Japanese import