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v/a - "Farewell To Venice" 2xLp

Image of v/a - "Farewell To Venice" 2xLp


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Double Vinyl Album With 80 minutes of Music By 23 Bands part of the
Venice/West L.A. The Suicidal Punks, These Party band Formed The
Backbone of Venice Music Seen From 1983-1994. And are the same
punks that made early suicidal tendencies gig legendary being some of
the most violent and memorable gig of the 80's time period.

Featuring: Beowulf , No Mercy, Neighborhood Watch, Chaotic Noise,
Damaged , Last Round Up, Guardian, Disadent, The Beer Nuts,
Cycotic Youth ,No Reaction, Rapid Fire, Jugheads Revenge ,Crux Ansata,
Toxic Shock Syndrome, The Runs , Broadax ,Entropy, Horny Toad, Evol,
Dry Entry , Noxious Velocity .