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v/a - "R.I. X-Core" Lp

Image of v/a - "R.I. X-Core" Lp


(Rhode Island Hardcore 84-86)

Everything you needed to know about getting through the 80's in Rhode Island-skating and hardcore!

The Vicious Circle songs are taken from their 1984 demo and include classics like "Reaganomics," "Violent Fix" and, the most classic, "Skate Death." The Positive Outlook material was taken from their demo, "The True Shall Prevail," with the classic "Dedicated To Ignorance" and one of the best HC band instrumentals ever, "Walk Like A Man." The nine Verbal Assault songs are from an unreleased radio show at UC Davis in 1986 in the middle of their first US tour and includes "More Than Music," "Backstab," "Never Stop" and others.


Verbal Assault - Never Stop

Verbal Assault - Complain, Complain

Verbal Assault - Our Illusions

Verbal Assault - When I Think

Verbal Assault - More Than Music

Verbal Assault - The Price We Pay

Verbal Assault - Alive

Verbal Assault - Backstab

Vicious Circle - Your An American

Vicious Circle - Mafia In Blue

Vicious Circle - We Got Better Things To Do

Vicious Circle - My Life My Rules

Vicious Circle - Violent Fix

Vicious Circle - GI Jerk

Vicious Circle - Your Son

Vicious Circle - Fight For No Cause

Vicious Circle - Skate Death

Positive Outlook - The True Shall Prevail

Positive Outlook - Sad Song

Positive Outlook - Don't Waste Your Youth

Positive Outlook - Be What You Want

Positive Outlook - Walk Like A Man

Positive Outlook - Playing A Game

Positive Outlook - Wont Be A Child Forever

Positive Outlook - One Unit

Positive Outlook - Feeling Inside

Positive Outlook - Dedicated To Ignorance

label: Atomic Action! records