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ZYGOTE - "A Wind of Knives" Lp

Image of ZYGOTE - "A Wind of Knives" Lp


(black vinyl + poster)

originally released in 1991!!!

This time with the two extra tracks before only available on the CD version now for the first time on vinyl!!!

All remastered by the almighty Jack Butcher at Enormous Door Mastering for maximum darkness!!!

If you sinners are still not familiar with ZYGOTE they were the band that arose from the ashes of non other than AMEBIX!!!

Stig, Spider and George from Amebix teamed up with Tim Crow, formerly The Smartpils, and now on the amazing Crossed Stitched Eyes, unfortunately Zygote was a short lived band, they only recorded a couple of great demos and this masterpiece LP.

label: Monolith records, import