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Zyklome A - "MADE IN BELGIUM" Lp (ltd white vinyl)


Belgian speedcore at its finest! Fast, electifiying guitar laced with quick drumming and hi-hat smashings. Rapid vocals keep the pace moving at 1000 RPM as ZYKLOME A roars through one besetment to the next blast. This is crazed and frenzied, and put out on the Punk Etc. label. Another European release to sit up take notice of. It has scorching potential.
-Pushead (from Maximum Rocknroll #20, December 1984)

01. Belgium
02. Change Your Life
03. I Hate This World, But I Love My Life
04. Last War
05. Atomic Powers
06. Sick Administration
07. People Die
08. De Bommen Vallen
09. Computerized World
10. Angry Faces
11. Abort All Wars
12. Te Laat...
13. Different Kind of People
14. School
15. In the Night I Feel Free
16. The End

Label: Punk Etc. Records
Cat #: TORPO 1
Format: LP
Released: 1984

label: a2o records, euro import