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7 Seconds ‎– "Hardcore Rules 1980 - 1982" Lp


(sealed but opened just enough to make sure insert is included)

Punk / hardcore band originally from Reno, Nevada, formed in 1980 by vocalist (and some time guitarist) Kevin Seconds and his brother, bassist Steve Youth. Drummer Troy Mowat joined in 1983 and these three have made up the core of the band ever since.

Collection of old demos:

Drastic Measures Demo 1980
Socially Fucked Up Demo 1981
3 Chord Politics Demo 1982



A & A In The USA

Anti Youth

Right To Fight

Death Trip

Police State

Don´t Fuck With Me

This Means You

Media Massacre

Fight Or Unite

Cops Are Criminals

Socially Fucked Up

Racism Sucks

I Can´t Take It

I Hate Sports



Hard Core Rules

We Want Control

No Authority

Left Wing, Right Wing

Baby Games

Fuck You America

Drastic Measures

War Paint

Redneck Society

Don´t Conform

Heavy Metal Jocks

Power Not Integrity


Anti Youth


comes with DIN A 3 Inlay

label: To The Positive Youth Records ‎records, fanclub, unofficial release, import