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Hellbastard ‎– "Heading For Internal Darkness" Lp


Pioneer crust punk band from Newcastle, UK, formed in 1984/1985 when guitarist Scruff Lewty (ex The Apostles) and bassist Scotty met at a Subhumans gig. With Phil Laidlow taking drummer's duties, Hellbastard's line up was complete. Their intentions were to play anarchist diy punk music, but with a more Slayer sound. Their first period was quite short as they split up in 1992.

official reissue of their 1988 album


We Had Evidence


Nazis Killed

Death Camp


Heading For Internal Darkness

The Pylons

Afrikkan Beggar

Rise Of Crust (Inst.)



Original released on Meantime Records UK (1988).

"Deadlock" on the B-side is a bonus track and does not appear on the first version.

850 pressed in total, on 160g vinyl.

label: Threats From The Past records, German import

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