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L´ATTENTAT - "Leipzig In Trümmern EP" 7"


L´ATTENAT was a political Punk band from Leipzig, German Democratic Republic founded in 1985, yes they were a Punk band behind the Berlin Wall. They might be the best-known east-german Punk band, because it was possible to smuggle some of their recordings outside of the GDR and X-MIST RECORDS, Germany released their LP "Made In The GDR" in the year 1987. L´ATTENTAT played rough Eighties Punk, Deutsch Punk with very political lyrics against war, the situation in East Germany and the political system there (this caused a lot of trouble for the band members, which ended with Stasti observation and oppression by state officials).

Originally this EP came as bonus to the recent repress of the "Made In The GDR" LP but now it´s available separately.

This EP comes on Black vinyl , housed in a nice EP pocket cover and with a huge sixty paged Din A4 booklet (includes stories and comments from old friends, a lot of historical pictures and the lyrics), as additional bonus you´ll get a download code too.


Leipzig In Trümmern

Linke Ecke, Rechte Ecke

Camping Am Müggelsee


Comes with 60 page booklet and mp3 download code.

label: Major Label records, German import