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Public Execution - s/t Lp


One of the earliest examples of hardcore punk happening in the northern police state of QLD, Australia. A fresh breed of youth coming through the Brisbane punk scene, at a time when the old '77 crowd had become as stale and jaded as the fart-rock scene before them, Public Execution formed as a 3 piece to kick these punk rock dinosaurs fair in the arse, amping up the speed and aggression, and letting them know it. Rod McLeod (Just Urbain, Bodysnatchers, The Kicks etc), one of few enthusiastic older crowd, took a liking to them after Public Execution talked shit about the fans of his band, and helped them to be heard by way of a split tape(with The Kicks) in 1982, and soon after producing their 2 track 1982 7" release. It didn't take long for them to add a 4th member to really free the then singer/bass player from his instrument duties and unleash his real anger on a small-but probably suspecting-crowd, recording a demo tape in 1983 which makes up the first 4, and most aggressive tracks on this LP.

9 songs in total, showing the progress of a young, hardcore, punk band who imploded before their time.


Say Goodbye To Tommy

Left Wing Refuse

Winter Wine


Methadone Slave

S.S. Brigade

T.V. Suffragette

Rotting Corpse

Merchant Girl


500 only, all with tip-on old style sleeve and 8 page booklet

label: La Vida Es Un Mus discos, UK import