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various Killed By Death (KBD) punk / HC / power pop, etc ... 7" official & fanclub reissues


the 101ERS - "Keys To Your Heart" b/w "5 Star Rock 'n Roll Patrol" 7" $7
a few years before Joe Strummer rose to legendary status with THE CLASH, he fronted the 101ers, an important transitional band in the metamorphosis of pub rock into punk rock. Known for their spirited live performances, they quickly rose to the top of the London pub rock circuit. During their time as a band, their only release was a 45, the infectiously catchy instant classic “Keys To Your Heart” backed with the rocker “5 Star Rock ‘N Roll Petrol”. This classic 45 is beautifully reproduced in a full color glued sleeve featuring the highly scarce French picture sleeve artwork. This reissue includes repro labels and excellent sound quality. Limited pressing of 500 copies. Italian import. 

7 Seconds ‎– "Dedicated To Hardcore" 7" $7
Reno, NV HC/ punk, contains recordings from the early 80's. fanclub, unofficial release.

Arson ‎– "Coho? Coho! / White Folks" 7" $6
Canadian punk band from Toronto started in the late 70's. Ugly Pop records

ALLEY CATS - "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" 7" $7
fanclub reissue of this classic DANGERHOUSE release. "The Alley Cats from LA's South Bay put out this fantastic single on Dangerhouse, "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" b/w "Give Me A Little Pain." Live, those songs killed. Everything this band did was just top notch, and I think they were loved by all - the Hollywood punk rockers, the South Bay kids, the Orange County kids... what was there not to like about band founders Randy Stodola and Dianne Chai?" 

AUTHORITIES - "Soundtrack For Trouble" 7" $6
Snarling straight out of Stockton, California and back on vinyl for the first time in over 25 years, the Authorities have re-released their classic and much coveted Soundtrack for Trouble EP 7”.
Originally released on Selecta in 1982, it features the Killed by Death classics Radiationmasturbation, I Hate Cops, Achtung! and Shot in the Head. The reissued EP also includes 2 never before released recordings of, Between the Thighs and LSD. Find out why record collecting scum have scoured the earth trying to get their filthy little mitts on this rare 7” gem. Get Hip records

AVENGERS - "We Are The One" 7" $7
fanclub repress of this classic DANGERHOUSE single ... this version features a repro of the "crucifix" sleeve for the cover. "We Are the One is the first EP from the Avengers. It was released on Dangerhouse Records in 1977. It is the only recordings released while the band was still together. It is sometimes referred to as the Dangerhouse EP, referencing the label it was released on. It was recorded in October 1977 at Kitchen Sink Studio[1]. The release had two different covers, with the first pressing including the 'crucifixion' cover, while later pressings included the 'target' cover."

the Androids - "Lipstick Heroes" 7" $6
Belfast, Northern Ireland circa 1978. That said, Androids definitely have more of a punk edge to their sound than bands like Rudi, Protex, and the Undertones. Radio Raheem records

Alice Bag - "Violence Girl" 7" $5.49
comp of various bands fronted by the Bags singer ... red vinyl, Artifix records

Aqui D’el-Rock - "Há Que Violentar O Sistema" 7" $7
Portugese Punk from 78/79. red vinyl, Rave Up records

Asta Kask - "Till Sista Droppen" 7" $6.49
reissue of outtakes and unreleased material from this great 80's Swedish punk band. Hohnie records

Bodysnatchers – Frantic / Mystery (Solve It...) 7" $6
originally released in 1980 on Savage Music. Official reissue on 540 records.

Bad Brains ‎– "171A 1981 Sessions" 7" $8
80's D.C. to NYC punk HC / dreads .... (3) studio cuts from 1981 & (1) live from 1985, unofficial release with insert.
Cleopatra Café records

Bahnhof - "February 82" 7" $6.49
the history of Italian Punk Rock can´t be told without mentioning Bahnhof. This band from Milan formed in 1979 and broke up in 1984 after their singer was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. Their only legacy is a 4 song cassette, finally released on vinyl. Anthemic Punk Rock sung in English. No Plan records

Bastards - "Maailma Palaa Ja Kuolee" 7" $7
80's Finnish hardcore / punk , original pressing was on Propaganda records in 1982, this official reissue is on Hohnie records in various colors covers/vinyl.

Beton Combo ‎– "Sound Ltd EP" 7" $7
1983 German HC / punk, official reissue of their 83 7" E.P. , Static Age Muzik

Crash Kills Five ‎– "What Do You Do At Night?" 7" $6
taking their name from a local newspaper headline, Toronto-based Crash Kills Five got their start in 1980 when transplanted Calgarian Reid Diamond hooked up with singer Don Pyle, leading to the release of this swell EP later that year. The band plied their sound around the Toronto punk circuit to moderate success, later opening for Ireland's Protex at the Edge club in September of that year. The three songs here are all taut slices of late seventies pop/punk. The slower a-side seemed the obvious choice for radio play at the time - this back in the relatively new wave-friendly airwaves of Toronto in the late seventies and early eighties - but the punchier punk and spiky edge of 'Special School' on the flip is the clear winner here (To wit: "They say I'm not too smart / that's why I go to special school"). Ugly Pop records

the DILS - "198 Seconds Of" 7" (COLOR VINYL) $7
fanclub reissue of this classic DANGERHOUSE release. The Dils where some pranksters who one time when entering a club in LA went up to Rodney Bingenheimer (well known DJ at them time and responsible for popularizing and promoting punk in the States) and lit his hair on fire. Well done! Besides that they played one of the most memorable and catchy punk rock that ever came out of the US in the 70′s. Their Clash influence is most evident in Mr. Big. The only thing is that this is better then The Clash. Their second 7inch released by the legendary Dangerhouse.

GLENN DANZIG - "Who Killed Marilyn" 7" (COLORED VINYL) $9.99
limited edition fanclub repro of the insanely classic (and insanely rare and thus super expensive) single by Mr. Danzig. It hardly gets better than this! Features the great title track and a different version of “Where Eagles Dare”. Absolutely essential stuff. Limited colored vinyl. 

the Dream Dates ‎– "Surfer Joe" 7" $6
coming out of the same extraordinarily fertile '70s Hamilton scene that brought us Teenage Head, Simply Saucer and the Forgotten Rebels, the band started out as Bored Youth, and made their 1979 live debut opening for Toronto's notorious Viletones. Soon changing their name to Dream Dates, the Hammer City combo went into the studio later that same year to lay down a seven song set that would remain ...unreleased for the next twenty-one years. Ugly Pop records

the Dicks ‎– "The Dicks Hate The Police" 7" $8
1980 TX punk, this is the second bootleg of the rare The Dicks Hate The Police 7" released in 1980. COC records, unofficial release

De Cylinders ‎– We Must Pay / Chart Buster 7" $6
1980 Dutch Power Pop with female vocals, think Blondie! official reissue. Sing Sing records

Discharge ‎– "Fight Back" 7" $5
official reissue of this 1980 UK HC/punk rager on Havoc records

Discharge ‎– "Realities Of War" 7" $5
official reissue of another UK / HC 1980 E.P. on Havoc records

Discharge ‎– "Decontrol" 7" $5
another 1980 UK / HC 3 track E.P. reissued official on Havoc records

Discharge ‎– "Never Again" 7" $5
1981 UK HC / punk official reissue on Havoc records

Discharge ‎– "State Violence State Control" 7" $5
official reissue of this 1982 UK HC/punk E.P. on Havoc records

Freestone ‎– "Bummer Bitch / Church" 7" $7
legit repress of the single that (probably) best epitomizes the whole KBD genre.  First time on 45 since '78 (not counting its inclusion on bootleg comps). Suck my dick, eat my ass, lick my balls, and buy the goddamn thing before it's gone again. Last Laugh records

the Fingers‎– "Isolation" 7" $7 official reissue of 1977 Pittsburgh punk mega rarity.  Three greats songs, one low price! Last Laugh records

the Flesh Eaters ‎– "Disintegration Nation" 7" $8
late 70's CA punk, their 1978 demo ... TKO records

the Hugh Beaumont Experience ‎– "The Cone Johnson E.P." 7" $8.00
Punk band from Fort Worth, Texas, official reissue of their 1981 7" E.P. , Cheap Rewards records

the Hot Nasties ‎– "The Invasion Of The Tribbles EP" 7" $6
canadian punk, official reissue of their 1980 E.P. , Ugly Pop records

Joe Hebert Band - "I Don't Wanna Be A Preppy" 7" $6.49
fresh out of high school in 1981, future Rhode Island comedian Joe Hebert rounded up the rhythm section of Providence artwavers the Tits and laid down a messy, fuzz-laden attack on Izods and boat shoes. But nearly 30 years later, punk collectors find little humor in their pursuit of the elusive "I Dont Wanna Be A Preppy" single. Its initial small pressing size (200-300 copies) and abysmal survival rate (the number of known discs can be counted on two hands) made the Joe Hebert Band 45 ripe for an official reissue. Turn up that collar -- and the stereo too, Brock! Last Laugh records

Just Urbain - s/t 7" $6 late 70's Aussie originally released on Savage Music in 1979. Official reissue on 540 records

Just Urbain ‎– "Everybody Loves" 7" $6
aussie punk originally released on Savage Music in 1980. Official reissue on 540 records

Kicks ‎– "The Secret" 7" $6
1981 Aussie punk, official reissue of their E.P. originally on Shake records, this reissue 540 records.

Karanteeni ‎– "Kaljupäinen Gangsteri" 7" $8
1978 Finnish punk, original was on Poko recs, this official repress Svart records.

Karanteeni ‎– "Haluan Toimintaa" 7" $8
1979 Finnish punk, original was on Poko recs, this official repress Svart records.

Loose Prick ‎– "Mua Potkitaan Päähän" 7" $8
1979 Finnish punk, official reissue on Svart records

Mana Mana ‎– "Maria Magdalena" 7" $7
weird ALT rock/punk/meta from finland 1988, original was on Poko records, this official reissue on Svart records.

Mentally Ill ‎– "Gacy's Place" 7" $9.99
one of the Chicago-area's first and most mysterious punk acts. Formed by 4 teenagers in Chicago's north shore suburbs, the band released a 7" EP called "Gacy's Place" in 1979, named after notorious Chicago-area serial killer John Wayne Gacy. College aspirations seemed to put the band to an early end, and outside of a few house parties, the original group never played live. Over the years, due to its crude sound and outrageous lyrics, "Gacy's Place" developed a cult following, finding such famous fans as Steve Albini and Jello Biafra. In 1982, the band, sporting a different line-up, put out a second 7" called "Sex Cells", which did not have the same impact as "Gacy's Place". In 2004, Alternative Tentacles released the entire "Gacy's Place" recording session on CD. Official reissue of their 1979 7", Last Laugh records

Nasty Facts - "Drive My Car" 7" $8
fanclub reissue of this female-fronted punk/powerpop gem from Brooklyn, NY. "Drive My Car" is one of the catchiest American punk songs ever recorded. No longer do you need to shill out a few hundred dollars for this tasty platter! Highly recommended.

Nervebreakers ‎– Hijack The Radio / Why Am I So Flipped 7" $6
late seventies / early eighties Texas punk band, official reissue of a 1979 single. Get Hip records

Nervebreakers ‎– "Girls Girls Girls" 7" $6
late seventies / early eighties Texas punk band, official reissue of a 1981 single. Get Hip records

Nervebreakers ‎– "Politics EP" 7" $6
late seventies / early eighties Texas punk band, official reissue of a 1978 7" E.P., Get Hip records

Porno Cassettes - "Your Face" 7" $6
Radio Raheem blesses us with more unheard vintage punk... this time it's an oi! scorcher from the UK in 1983. Radio Raheem records

Public Disturbance - "S&M" 7" $8
fanclub reissue of this American punk classic from Public Disturbance on the legendary New Jersey label Mutha Records. "S&M" was featured on the seminal 'Killed By Death 8 1/2' compilation. Why spend $300-$400 on an original copy when this will more than suffice? Highly recommended.

the Reactors ‎– "Seduction Center" 7" $7 Official reissue from masters.  Only 100 pressed back in 1979...20 of which were destroyed in a flood.  Here's your chance to own one of NYC's finest (and rarest)...without breaking the bank.  First pressing of 500...don't sleep on this!

RAMONES - "Carbona Not Glue" 7" (COLOR VINYL) $8
faux Sub-Pop single collects two songs that were originally intended to be included on the Ramones' first album. "Carbona Not Glue" could have been one of the Ramones' most popular tracks if it was not pulled from the album due to legal reasons. The song is classic Ramones with lyrics full of references to the suffering of teenagers. "Carbona Not Glue" blames television and Mom and Dad for an unapologetic need to use inhalants. It is a great rock & roll song that is the product of the lives the Ramones led before the recording of their first album. 

Ramones ‎– R.A.M.O.N.E.S / Any Way You Want It 7" $8 green vinyl, ltd to 300 copies, full color cartoon sleeve. Unofficial release, euro import

RANDOMS - "ABCD" b/w "Let's Get Rid of NY" 7" $7
Exact repro of this famous 1977 Dangerhouse record. Randoms had K.K. Barret from the Screamers on drums, John Doe from X on bass and Pat Garrett, later found in Black Randy And The Metrosquad and also one of the founders of Dangerhouse, on guitar and vocals.

the Rock And Roll Bitches ‎– "Wild West" 7" $6
While their name remains known to few outside the rabid record collector cogniscenti world-wide, this legendary Alberta outfit came barrelling out of Edmonton in 1980 with just this one near-perfect— and very limited— record before imploding and disappearing for evermore….but what a record it was. Coming across like nothing so much as a super-charged version of the first Teenage Head LP, these punks amped up the energy and aggression without sacrificing an ounce of their inherent raw tunefulness and swagger, official reissue of their 1981 7" E.p., Ugly Pop records

SCREAMERS - "Live At The Masque" 7" $8
this fanclub 7" surfaced years back but I recently found some dead stock copies. All 4 tracks live at the Masque in Hollywood on 12/16/77. Nice recording of a what must have been a wild show. Get this while you can! Supply is limited.

the Stooges ‎– 1970 b/w Not Right 7" $9.99 (mono)
Side A: First issued as Elektra #45695 (Dec 1970)
Side B: Previously unreleased
label: Elektra records

the Spy's ‎– "Underground" 7" $6
canadian punk, official reissue of their 1980 single. 2nd pressing yellow cover, Ugly pop records

Solger ‎– "Live At Wrex" 7" $7
seattle, WA noise punk live from 1980. fanclub, unofficial release

the Terrorists ‎– "Crazy Life " 7" $6.49
existed in Bakersfield, California in the Early 80's. They were part of the same (small) Punk scene as the Lizerds and (the amazing) Teen Suicide, like the former The Terrorists were very elusive and unliked locally...or maybe Punk in Bakersfield was highly unpopular...i'll go with the latter. The groups headmaster Eddie pressed up a little over 100 copies (110 to be exact) of the Crazy Life 45, sold 12 copies worldwide , gave away around 50 and destroyed the rest after a "Life changing" expierence in the mid 80's. The track itself is a sinister drum machine stab at punk, it represents so much about how i've felt about my hometown, it's amazing to me how in 1982 they felt the same way. We've replaced the original b-side with an unheard live recording of "Crazy Life", we felt this song is far superior to the original new-wave b-side. Alot of love and care went into this reissue, it's raw still but that's the best you are gonna get. The sound is low fi and raw. There are no master tapes no mint copies of the 45 nothing. This is the best it's going to get. Largely under the radar for most collectors, we tried to keep this a secret for as long as possible to obtain personal copies. Authorized by the Group, Glued Pocket sleeve with the original art. Edition of 400 copies. Going Underground records.

the Tragics ‎– "Mommi Im A Misfit" 7" $5
punk band from New York, circa 1981.. The band released one single as The Misfits and then changed their name to Tragics. Clear vinyl, Loud Blaring Punk Rock records.

Village Pistols ‎– "Big Money" 7" $7.49 1981 Punk band from Greensboro, North Carolina. Last Laugh records

VICTIMS - "No Thanks To The Human Turd" 7" $8 (color vinyl)
short-lived, late 70s punk trio hailing from Perth. This is their second EP from '78 and it's one of the greatest Aussie punk singles ever released. My favorite part about this 7" is the (quite obviously) unintentional stripped-down, hollowed-out, treble-ridden sound. The drums are at the perfect level: soft enough to hang back just behind the crunching guitars yet loud enough to provide a constant and pounding rhythm so profound that it rips a fuckin hole straight thru your head. The guitars are fucking MEAN in the best way possible, with the sound of the two guitar tracks constantly grinding together, which is heard especially on "T.V. Freak." Fanclub, unofficial release

the Varukers ‎– "The Varukers E.P." 7" $5
official reissue of this 1981 UK / Punk rager on Havoc records

the Varukers ‎– "I Don't Wanna Be A Victim!" 7" $5
1982 UK HC / punk, official reissue on Havoc records

the Varukers ‎– "Die For Your Government" 7" $5
1983 UK HC/punk official reissue of the Riot City recs release on Havoc records

the Varukers ‎– "Massacred Millions" 7" $5
1984 UK HC / Punk reissue on Havoc records

the Varukers ‎– "Led To The Slaughter" 7" $5
another 84 HC / punk rager gets an official reissue on Havoc records

Wild Youth ‎– All Messed Up / So Messed Up 7" $9
south African punk from 1979, ltd to 500 copies, official release,
Retrobution records

X- "Adult Books" 7" $8
1978 CA punk, original was on Dangerhouse recs, this is an unofficial fanclub repress in red vinyl

Young Identities - s/t 7" $6
late 70's Aussie punk. Originally released on Savage Music in 1979. Official reissue on 540 records.

Young Identities ‎– "New Trends EP" 7" $6
aussie punk originally released on Shake records in 1980. Official reissue on 540 records.

Ypö-Viis ‎– "Me Myytiin Itsemme" 7" $8
1979 Finnish punk, official reissue on clear vinyl. Svart records

ZERO BOYS - "Livin In The 80's" 7" $8
reissue of the KBD comp classic "Livin' In The 80's". Still one of the most sought after singles in all of US punk history, routinely fetching $600 to $800. ZERO BOYS came from what most in the early punk world would consider absolutely nowhere, Indiana. On the strength of their self released debut 7" (Livin' In The 80's) and their Nimrod Records issued debut LP (Vicious Circle) they broke through that land locked and corn bordered land in to the consciousness of every self respecting punk at the time and that still echoes today. 1234 records