Image of ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - "American Paranoia & More" Lp + DVD

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - "American Paranoia & More" Lp + DVD


1986's "American Paranoia" was a California thrash bash from the Bay Area's Attitude Adjustment. Along with bands like Excel, Cryptic Slaughter, and Hirax, Attitude Adjustment helped bridge the gap between blazing fast hardcore and speed metal, a sound that was duplicated many times over but rarely with the ferocity found here. This LP was originally pressed on the legendary Pusmort Records (run by famed artist Pushead) and has not been in print on vinyl since that initial pressing. LP includes DVD and is limited to 500 copies.


1. Grey World
2. Dope Fiend
3. Hunger & Poverty
4. Fuck Chuck
5. Dead Serious
6. Johnny
7. Attitude Adjustment

9. American Paranoia
10. Warfear
11. Streetwise
12. Working Class Pride
13. In The Center
14. Bombs
15. Rambo
16. Incredible End

label: Taang records