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GENERALI - "DEMOS 1987-1990" cassette

Image of GENERALI - "DEMOS 1987-1990" cassette


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AFTERMATH TAPES proudly presents new year’s special the second one of the 80's Yugoslavian hc punk tape reissues, Zagreb own 1980's hardcore punk legends : GENERALI "DEMOS 1987-1990", official tape release remastered from the original 1'st generation master tracks by the band drummer Mario Fister - File and approved by the band members and Marin Stojić who released their tracks on the split tape with the Greek hardcore band Abolish Authority back in the 87' on his label "Beyoop Tapes".
This tape is the first ever GENERALI release on their own in Yugoslavian and Croatian punk history, it includes both tracks from the split tape and the never before released tracks from 90's demo including the all time Zagreb punk anthem "CRNI SNIJEG"(black snow).
14 tracks of Yugoslavian hardcore punk attack !!!!!!!!
GENERALI's first two demos are influenced by the Charged G.B.H and DISCHARGE, but with a distinctive Yugoslavian punk and ZGHC sound, then at the beginning of the new decade they switched their sound to a more melodic HC influenced by Nomeansno, Dag Nasty or Hüsker Dü
Zagreb, Croatia's capital had a great HC scene back in the mid/late 80's with bands such as Motus, Loše ponašanje, Patareni, Euforija, Aberacija Mozga, Hell's Bells, Sindrom, Buka, Generali etc. with the sound in the same vein like their contemporaries from other countries in the EURO HC scene, with a lot of fanzines, gigs and even a radio show on the state owned OMLADINSKI RADIO, which was not so common in the communist countries.
GENERALI also shared the stage with Yugoslav bands; Quod massacre, Vrisak generacije ,Polska Malca and USHC legends such as D.I. and MDC during their Yugoslavian tours. Unfortunately everything fell apart when the bloody war in Croatia started in the summer of 91'.
Press of 100 pro dubbed tapes (red) with pad print.

label: Aftermath tapes, import from Croatia