Image of IV REICH - "Discografía" LP + DVD (2nd pressing)

IV REICH - "Discografía" LP + DVD (2nd pressing)



Many were the bands that in the punk wave of the 80s launched into the practice of the sharpest and most extreme side of hardcore. Music built from guitars and basses fired at a thousand, unappealable, indisputable, before which one can only let oneself be carried away by the created tide, and on that wave the IV REICH combo emerged in Zaragoza in 1981. This LP collects the complete discography of the band; his two demos, PRIMERA MAQUETA self-published in the year 84 and OH! PATRON self-published in 1985, both on cassette, as well as unpublished songs never recorded rescued from their wild live shows from the years 86 and 87 before they separated in 1988. The album is accompanied by a fanzine with photos, posters and clippings from press as well as the biography of the band and all its lyrics, all also translated into English. And as a complement also a DVD with 3 live videos of the band; Cine Venecia (85), Vera De Moncayo (87) and Soraluze (87) together with an unpublished clip of the band (85), photo gallery and posters and the audio discography itself + a complete live show from Sala Enbruto (87). The definitive edition of one of the most underrated and most wild and punk bands of the national scene of the 80s.

label: Discos Enfermos records, import